From 2008 to 2015, I joined the publishing world, as a graphic designer of books in the creation studio BleuT, while continuing freelance activities. Within BleuT, I am in charge of the creation of covers for many publishers including CNRS ÉDITIONS, JC Lattès, Editions du Cerf, Vuibert. Since 2016, I have resumed full-time freelance activity and continue to work mainly in publishing, notably on the creation of the majority of covers for the CNRS ÉDITIONS. As a complement to my activity as a graphic designer, photography (architecture, abstract, nature or concert), is a true passion and a means of expression and A fundamental creation in my work. This practice also makes it possible to meet the expectations of my clients in an optimal way in terms of speed and design. I collaborated with the magazine "Paris, from Lutèce to today" to provide photographic supports for several historical articles.

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