I was born in Florence on 28th November 1950. When I was 10 years old, I received as a gift my first camera, a Voigtländer. Already in 1968/70 I carried out my first photographic campaign by taking photos of elderly people in various rest homes. I started university, Faculty of Medicine, but left it after three years to become a professional photographer. After spending some years in advertisement, I chose to devote myself totally to Art photography, also because this sort of photography allows for calmer times and affords a much more in-depth approach to the object of one’s work. As an art photographer, specialised in art works, architecture and landscapes, I am happy with my achievements. I have been able to cooperate with publishers and individuals from all over the world. My photographs have appeared in important books and international magazines. Since some years, I have started a creative experience following my personal way of interpreting the outer world and transmitting this to a public. My artistic activity has become a steady commitment; I am looking forward to a very promising and fulfilling future.

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