Proverbs & Popular Sayings
Bridgeman's guide to popular phrases we all love to use, and where they came from.
Art Against the Regime
Art has always been a medium in which to convey ideas, and 18th century artists of the American War of Independence and the French Revolution decidedly used their trade as a way to illustrate the ideals - and whip up support - for revolution.
We Love New York
From the days of Henry Hudson to modern times, New York City has been a muse, a vibrant and diverse subject, and a beacon for creativity.
The All-Americans
From the birth of our country and formation of our national identity to flipping the 20th century art world on its head, American has a celebrated tradition of art and artists. Here's a rundown of some of our favorites.
Political Folly
Do you have election fatigue? We certainly do. In an effort to cleanse our palate of this year's election cycle, Bridgeman offers a guide for running for political office with the aide of political cartoons from decades past.
Wanted: Dead or Alive
A rundown of some of the most interesting and notorious manhunts in history.
The Perfect Calendar
Iconic images for each month of the year, plus plenty of ideas for inspired calendar products.
April Fools!
Outrageous pranks or strange-but-true life tales, can you tell the difference?
The National Parks
Stretched out over 84 million acres, the country's National Parks are as uniquely American as the Declaration of Independence. Artists were instrumental in the effort to set in motion legislation to protect and preserve our beloved landscapes for future generations.
Pearls of Wisdom from Mom
With Mother's Day around the corner on May 8th, it's worth remembering all the little nagging things our Moms used to say to us. Without these little nuggets of wisdom, we wouldn't be who we are. Thanks Mom!
March Towards Equality
A century after the Civil War, the civil rights struggle of the 1960s forced the nation to confront its failed policy of 'separate but equal.'
A Fragile Freedom
Although the Atlantic slave trade was abolished in 1807, slaves wouldn't be emancipated until almost six decades later in 1863. And that long awaited emancipation proved fragile during the Civil War and Reconstruction period.
The Middle Passage
Learn more about the harrowing journey of over 6 million Africans taken from their homeland to the New World as part of the 18th century American slave trade.
The A-Team
Meet America's team: the diverse group of patriots who helped to usher our country into independence.
Stars and Stripes
A short history of the American flag.
Daily Life in Mesoamerica
Explore Bridgeman collections that illustrate how pre-Columbian societies lived and flourished before the Spanish colonization of the Americas.
The Emmett Till Trial, illustrated by Franklin McMahon
The 1955 trial of two men for the murder of 14-year old Emmett Till, sparked national outrage and helped to mobilize the civil rights movement.
Words of Wisdom from a few Mad Men
A new season of the retro hit TV series has started and once again we're mad for mid-century. Here are some favorite nuggets of wisdom from the show, along with retro imagery from The Advertising Archives.
Engineering The Future
The Codex Atlanticus, a collection of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches and observations, is a treasure trove of futuristic contraptions and engineering feats imagined well before their time.
The Visconti Tarot Deck
Beautifully painted by Italian artist Bonifacio Bembo in the 15th century, the Visconti deck is one of the earliest surviving tarot card sets.
The works of Edward Lear
Lear's works are a fusion of art, science and literature and are highlighted in a new exhibition at the London's Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy in existence.
The American President
On November 6th, we go to the polls to elect the 45th President of the United States. Here's some fun presidential trivia, illustrated with images from the Bridgeman archive.
National Women's Party
To commemorate Women's History Month, we've put together a short history of the National Women's Party, one of the most influential women's rights organizations of the 20th century.
The Night Watch
Rembrandt's 17th century masterpiece is in the spotlight, as it takes its place in the newly renovated Rijksmuseum in April 2013. Learn more about the large-scale work.
A Patriotic Top 10
In honor of our most patriotic month of the year, Bridgeman runs down our top 10 American paintings and photographs.

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