Still Images For Television & Film
Bridgeman offers a comprehensive collection of high resolution imagery for set design and programming.
Images for Trade Publishing
For over 35 years, Bridgeman has been a trusted resource for images and copyright clearance for publishers.
Photography on the front lines of one of the bloodiest conflicts of modern history: the American Civil War, in advance of the 150th anniversary in 2011.
Hell & The Sublime
For centuries, artists have been imagining the realm of human afterlife. In honour of Halloween, we run down our favourite depictions of hell.
Katsushika Hokusai's Pictures of the Floating World
250th anniversary of the birth of the leading painter and printmaker of the Japanese Edo period
Pedro Diego Alvarado
New to Bridgeman, Mexican painter Pedro Diego Alvarado renders lush Central American landscapes and still lifes of tropical fruit that are good enough to eat.
Britain's next Saint?
Only one step away from sainthood we take a closer look at Cardinal Newman and British saints.
Rites, Ritual & Ceremony
From the everyday to holy days, how we worship.
What We Worship
Religion and faith illuminated through text and illustration.
Where We Worship
Houses of worship, holy sites and places of pilgrimage.
The Regime Against Art
The Nazi exhibition of works deemed 'degenerate' is only one example of state-sanctioned censorship and destruction of art works.
Sibling Rivalry
The 2010 UK Labour Party leadership election sees two brothers, David and Edward Miliband, facing off. Bridgeman delves into its archive to assess sibling rivalry in history, literature and myth.
Caravaggio: The Light and Dark
400 years after his death, the master of the dramatic still has the power to delight and perplex
Urban Worlds in Transition
NEW Bridgeman represented artist taking paper art to a whole new level. Learn more about this unique artist.
Tristram Hillier (1905-83)
Tristram Hillier’s classical, timeless images, full of steely light and ominous shadows, have a unique place in the history of British 20th century art.
The Joys of Getting LOST
Calling all LOST fans! With the finale fast approaching, here's a fun diversion from all the election chaos. Can you identify all 50 show references in this collage?
Quilting back in Fashion
Take a look at the unique embroidered quilts and needlework designs within the Bridgeman archive.
Inspiration for calendars & stationery products
Tired of the same old calendar images? Let Bridgeman help get the ball rolling with these ideas.
Because of women....
Celebrate Women's History month with a few things invented, written or inspired by women that truly make the world a better place.
The Art of Falling in Love
Bridgeman's ten step plan to winning the object of your desire.
Anthony Breslin (Contemporary Artist)
One of Australia's most original, eclectic, and evocative artists.

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