South Korea's Alive Gallery brings art into the future
68 Bridgeman images were used in a South Korean hologram exhibit that includes 3-D animations of da Vinci's 'Last Supper' and the 'Mona Lisa'. Art comes 'alive' .
Sunday Times: Summer reads
Bridgeman image used to illustrate beach books feature in Sunday Times Culture.
Rebecca Campbell greeting card license
The Art File have launched an everyday range with 18 images by Bridgeman Contemporary Artist.
Bridgeman on TV
We've got art and history programmes covered.
At the Movies
Check out some of the productions we've licensed images for.
Book Cover Design: A World On Fire
Three flag images from the Bridgeman archive are used to displaying on the cover that American Civil War was more than just a battle between the States.
Bottoms from Bridgeman
Details from paintings by William Etty, best known for his paintings of nudes, illustrate an the passion for flesh in the erotic art of the Victorians.
Bridgeman on front page of The Times
A detail from Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' is used to sensationalise scientist Stephen Hawking's rejection of God's role in the creation of the Universe.
Vintage Maugham
The definitive selection of Maugham's best short stories have been gorgeously rejacketed in a new series style.
Personalize your technology with art
With's line of vinyl, fine art adhesive skins for over 3,000 electronic devices you can take your favorite art with you.
Wordsworth Classics
Bridgeman images used on over 80% of Wordsworth Classics covers’. Helen Trayler, Managing Director of Wordsworth Editions Ltd explains why.
GLO Interactive Bible
Not just a digitized version of the Bible, GLO revolutionizes how the Bible is experienced.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Bridgeman images figure prominently in a scene in the newest installation of the Twilight saga.
Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles go retro
Nostalgic Britain. Childhood memories revived through John Bull magazine covers from the 1950s
Mash-up Mania!
The Regency era has been turned on its head by a new crop of mash-up novels from Quirk Books, Random House and Ulysses Press.
Judging a book by its cover
Is montage a new trend?
As seen in store
High street sports shop size? revisits Bristol's heritage with Bridgeman image
Stylish homeware with a classic Bridgeman twist
Italian outdoor advertising campaign
'Perfect' body sourced at Bridgeman
JWT advertising campaign for HSBC
Why indie band Fleet Foxes chose Brueghel
Fleet Foxes chose a suitably bucolic Bruegel painting for their album cover. Just don't expect the music to evoke medieval Belgium!
Bank seek images to convey intellect and heritage
Rothschild website by Nucleus Design, 2008
Great Days Out
M&S seek images with retro appeal for 125th birthday celebration window display
It's not your Grandmother's Romance Novel
Quirk Books lovingly reinvents the beloved tale of Pride and Prejudice.....with zombies?
Henry VIII seen on the tube
Historic Royal Palaces advertising campaign

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