Brian Trenerry Archive
Rare and unique home movies and documentary footage, from the '20s through to the '60s, are offered up online exclusively through Bridgeman Footage.
The Great War on film: 1914-1918
From recruitment to homecoming, trench warfare to aerial combat, Bridgeman Footage is now home to a growing collection of rare and enlightening film from the First World War.
Bridgeman Footage: 2014 Anniversaries
Bridgeman Footage holds a wealth of clips of, and relating to, many of 2014's major anniversaries. Click through to discover history in motion...
Exclusive Egypt
Pyramids, excavations, cave paintings and deserts; the Laboratoriorosso collection brings exclusive footage of Egypt's history and beauty to Bridgeman Footage.
Chronos Media
Chronos Media covers the history of the German Reich, covering both the Empire's political evolution as well as the daily life of its people.
The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
With over 1,000 clips spanning time, place, and medium, this collection contains material covering WWI, WWII, the Indonesian National Revolution and a selection of short animations produced by the renowned Nico Crammer.
Introducing the Bridgeman Footage Team
Holly and her team work behind-the-scenes making sure all footage needs are taken care of. Read on to hear more about them and their favourite clips from the archive...
Women's History Month
March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the social, political, artistic and economic achievements of women around the world. Bridgeman Footage pays tribute to the women in our archive.
Animate the Ancient
Explore ancient cultures, historic moments and archaic treasures with three of Bridgeman's latest collections.
Recording Heritage - North West Film Archive
Bridgeman is delighted to introduce North West Films, a fascinating archive full of footage clips recording daily life across the twentieth century, from college sports days to royal visits.
From Calder to Comic Books: A World of Creative Arts
This unique collection of arts footage, dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, features rare and celebrated performances and personalities from all areas of the creative arts.
An Animated History
Celebrating the heyday of animation; the historic collection of Halas&Batchelor now available for licensing through Bridgeman's footage platform.
Buddhist Heritage of the World
Bridgeman is delighted to represent exclusive clips from filmmaker Benoy K Behl. Behl was recently profiled in a 6-part feature in India's Frontline Magazine.
Hidden Moments from the de László Footage Archive
Brimming with the glamour, grandeur and fun of British high society in the 20s and 30s, Bridgeman is delighted to represent the previously unseen home-movies of the Hungarian painter, Philip de László.
Masterworks in Motion
Bridgeman is delighted to represent The Meisterwerke Collection, a motion collection showcasing the masters of the art world.

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