Bridgeman Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2012
Founded by Harriet Bridgeman in 1972, Bridgeman Art Library celebrates our 40th birthday this year.
When Regifting is Good
Recently, we heard a wonderful story from a longtime Bridgeman client about a charity she works with in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Meet Helen Higbee
We're delighted to introduce you to Helen Higbee, our LA-based Business Development Director.
World Copyright Summit 2011
Industry professionals, political leaders, stars of the creative world and our own Harriet Bridgeman gathered in Brussels for this year's World Copyright Summit.
A Transformative Process: the London Scanning Team
Find out who in our London office is responsible for ensuring Bridgeman imagery is the highest possible quality prior to being licensed and taking on a life of its own.
Put Bridgeman on Your Wall
Bridgeman's third party printing companies can send you home with the perfect image just in time for the holiday season. A selection of sites offer a simple way to have your favorite Bridgeman image made into a print, canvas, stationery, or more unusual gifts like technology skins.

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