Seasonal Imagery

Christmas. The holidays. The winter vacation.

Whichever way you say it and whether or not you celebrate it, the Bridgeman Studio team know that Christmas and The Holidays are the hottest tickets for the chilliest of events. Every single year, starting at the height of summer, our Account Managers are asked by our clients for exciting new contemporary imagery which depicts Christmas.


robinteaser   madonna

© Margaret Loxton / Bridgeman Images (detail)


© Trygve Skogrand / Bridgeman Images (detail)





With this in mind, we are looking for brand new, contemporary imagery for licensing. This could be licensing for anything from calendars, greetings card and printed packaging to editorial uses or even advertising! We are looking for illustration, painting, drawing and photography for this season.

Take a look at our suggestions below, paying close attention to the keywords we suggest. Following this, do go ahead and email the Studio Team with any suggestions you have or better yet, show us what you've got and start uploading directly to your profile! We'll get marketing for you and the rest will follow.


Subject Matter


Traditional Imagery

Snow scenes


Christmas morning

Opening presents

The churchyard



Religious Imagery

The Nativity

Baby Jesus

Angel Gabriel

The Three Wise Men


Christmas with a twist

Black and White vintage photography re-imagined in a contemporary setting

Christmas landscapes using a contemporary illustrative style

London, New York, Paris and other world cities at Christmas- with or without snow

Christmas lights

Christmas food


Hannukah Imagery

Images that convey the Jewish celebration of Hannukah.

Images that include the menorah in a contemporary setting

Festivities to include both religious and family traditions


Christmas Colours

Colours that evoke a Christmass-y feeling

Golds, Reds, Greens, White and Silver

Warm, luxurious tones


Seasonal Patterns

Repeat patterns, useful for surface-design

Geometric patterns that could be used for Christmas wrapping papers


menorah   leaves

© Julie Held / Bridgeman Images (detail)


© Graeme Harris / Bridgeman Images


Keywords & Top Tips















Christmas Eve








Father Christmas










Virgin Mary




 Remember that all images must be at least 3000 pixels one side of the  image. Images must also be between 40-70MB in either a jpeg or tiff  format. All images must be cropped and to the correct orientation.

 To see a selection of the Bridgeman Studio Seasonal Imagery we  already have, please click here


icecube   snowmanvertical   chair4
© Luke Martineau / Bridgeman Images   © Nancy Moniz / Bridgeman Images   © Didier Gaillard / Bridgeman Images (detail)

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