Parisian born in 1972, Mathieu Bourgois has been crazy about photography since he was fourteen. It began when he went to summer camp and discovered the joys of photography and the dark room. At 16 years old, he published his first photo, a portrait of writer William Burroughs. A few years later, he studied photography at Parsons school of design and graduated in 1995 with a BFA. In the past 15 years, Mathieu Bourgois has specialized in portrait photography. To him, the challenge is to reveal the essence of his subject and have him forget the presence of the lens. He likes to capture his subject outside his usual surroundings, in natural light and often with backgrounds of raw materials (brick walls, metal shutters etc) Mathieu Bourgois has photographed more than 800 writers among whom Jim Harrison, Jean Marie G Le Clézio, Antonio Lobo Antunes, Anna Gavalda, Hanif Kureichi, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Antonio Tabucchi, Orhan Pamuk, Richard Powers. Beyond the world of authors, he also likes to photograph musicians like Stacey Kent or AIR, visual artists like Arman, Arrabal, film director, actors and chefs like Guy Martin, Nigella Lawson , Eric Frechon from the Bristolm hotel in Paris and Mario Batali. His pictures have appeared in the New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, L'Express, Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro, La Croix, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Point, Elle, Vogue, Biba, Lire, Les Inrockuptibles, Le Figaro Magazine, Rockdelux (Spain) and Numberwine. In 2002, he had a solo exhibition "Portraits of authors" at the Institut Lumière in Lyon.

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