15th March 1943
David Cronenberg, Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter, was born. 75 years.
17th March 1938
Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev, Russian-French dancer and choreographer, was born. 80 years.
18th March 1768
Laurence Sterne, Irish novelist, died. 250 years.
22nd March 1948
Andrew Lloyd Webber, English director and composer, was born. 70 years.
22nd March 1961
John Profumo, British Secretary of State for War, denied in a statement any impropriety with the model, Christine Keeler. 55 years.
22nd March 1963
Please Please Me, the debut studio album by the Beatles, is released. 55 years.
24th March 1693
John Harrison, English carpenter and clock-maker, inventor of the Marine chronometer, was born. 325 years.
24th March 1958
Rock 'n' roll teen idol Elvis Presley is drafted in the U.S. Army. 60 years.
24th March 1953
Mary of Teck, Queen of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Empress of India as the wife of King-Emperor George V, died. 65 years.
25th March 1918
Claude-Achille Debussy, French composer, died. 100 years.
26th March 1973
Sir Noel Coward, British playwright, composer, actor and director, died. 45 years.
26th March 1923
Sarah Bernhardt, French stage and early film actress; referred to as "the most famous actress the world has ever known", died. 95 years.
27th March 1958
Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. 60 years.
27th March 1968
Yuri Gagarin, Russian colonel, pilot, and astronaut, died. 50 years.
28th March 1868
Maxim Gorky, Russian and Soviet writer, founder of the socialist realism literary method and a political activist, was born. 150 years.
28th March 1943
Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian pianist, composer, and conductor, died. 75 years.

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