4th November 1980
Former Hollywood actor and Republican Ronald Reagan wins the US presidential elections by a huge majority. 35 years.
4th November 1890
City & South London Railway: London's first deep-level tube railway opens between King William Street and Stockwell. 125 years.
4th November 1605
Guy Fawkes was arrested at midnight. He wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. 410 years.
5th November 1935
First flight of the Hawker Hurricane. 80 years.
6th November 1865
The last Confederate surrender occurred during the American Civil War. 150 years.
7th November 1665
The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published. 350 years.
9th November 1970
Charles de Gaulle, wartime hero and former president of France, dies. 45 years.
20th November 1945
The Nuremberg trials, held by the Allied forces after World War II, begin. 70 years.
12th November 1840
Auguste René Rodin, considered as one of the most remarkable sculptors of his time, is born. 175 years.
14th November 1940
World War II: In England, the city of Coventry is heavily bombed by German Luftwaffe bombers. Coventry Cathedral is almost completely destroyed. 75 years.
14th November 1840
Claude Monet, the founder of the French Impressionist painting, is born. 175 years.
15th November 1515
Thomas Wolsey is invested as a Cardinal. 500 years.
20th November 1975
General Franco, Spanish dictator, dies. 40 years.
22nd November 1990
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher withdraws from the Conservative Party leadership election, confirming the end of her premiership. 25 years.
23rd November 1890
El Lissitzky, Russian painter, typographer, architect and designer, is born. 125 years.
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