29th September 1913
Rudolf Diesel, German inventor of the diesel engine, dies. 100 years.
13th October 1713
Allan Ramsay, Scottish painter, is born. 300 years.
16th October 1813
Battle of Leipzig, Napoleon defeated and forced to abdicate. 200 years.
16th October 1913
HMS Queen Elizabeth launched at Portsmouth Dockyard as the Royal Navy's first oil-fired battleship. 100 years.
30th October 1513
Jacques Amyot, French bishop, scholar and writer, is born. 500 years.
14th November 1263
Saint Alexander Nevsky, Russian nobleman, Prince of Novgorod and Kiev, Grand Prince of Vladimir, dies. 750 years.
16th November 1988
Lotte Stam-Beese, German architect, dies. 25 years.
20th November 1713
Thomas Tompion, English clock maker. Renowned for the cylinder tunnel. 300 years.
22nd November 1963
Aldous Huxley, British writer and critic, best know for his novel 'Brave New World', dies. 50 years.
24th November 1713
Laurence Sterne, Irish novelist and satirist, is born. 300 years.
24th November 1713
Junipero Serra, priest, know for his missionary work in North America, is born. 300 years.
27th November 1838
Mexico declares war on France, known as 'The Pastry War'. 175 years.
2nd December 1863
Charles Ringling, American circus owner, is born. 150 years.
6th December 1988
Roy Orbison, singer of Pretty Woman, dies of heart attack at 52. 25 years.
18th December 1863
Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, is born. 150 years.
18th December 1913
Willy Brandt, German Chancellor, is born. 100 years.
25th December 1763
Claude Chappe, French engineer, created the first practical telecommunications system, is born. 250 years.
27th December 1923
Gustave Eiffel, a French structural engineer who designed the Eiffel Tower and the statue of liberty, dies. 90 years.
28th December 1713
Abbe Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, astronomer who mapped the Southern Hemisphere, is born. 300 years.
31st December 1838
Emile Loubet, 8th president of France, is born. 175 years.

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