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Introducing our Student Subscription

We're proud to launch our new Student Subscription for Bridgeman Studio.

Since launching Bridgeman Studio in March, we've noted the growing demand for a licensing partner for emerging artists. Whether entering into the art market during or immediately following university, Bridgeman Studio offers a secure way to begin licensing your images and learning about commercialising your practice to allow you more time to do what you love; creating!

Bridgeman Studio is our contemporary artists' platform from Bridgeman Images. We are the leading fine-art image licensing agency, representing museums, artists and collections worldwide for image licensing. We license across numerous sectors including editorial, advertising, product and design sectors.

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© AlyZen Moonshadow / Bridgeman Images (detail)


All of Bridgeman Studio at half the price!

Our Student Subscription offers the same great benefits of a full Bridgeman Studio subscription, but at half the price.

£50 / $100 / €60 annually as part of a three year Bridgeman Studio contract

  • A personal Artist's Page
  • Access to our image ingester and cataloguing tool
  • Add up to 100 images a year
  • Full copyright clearance
  • Comprehensive analytics detailing how your images are being licensed in real time
  • A dedicated marketing team sharing your content across our offices in London, New York, Paris and Berlin as well as international trade fairs.
  • Exposure to over 10,000 clients
  • Access to our print-on-demand partner
  • 50% of every copyright fee, 50% of every reproduction fee
© Yoyo Zhao / Bridgeman Images (detail)


Learn about how licensing works

  • Copyright Advice
  • Copyright negotiation
  • Tips and Tricks for photographing your work
  • A quarterly newsletter which we can send to all artist offering new licensing advice


Grow your content

  • We encourage Studio artists to submit content to us for licensing that isn't already available for licensing elsewhere. Our clients want fresh, unique imagery and so we do our best to offer them something different.
  • Have images commissioned for licensing!
  • Our clients often express an interest in licensing images that have been created just for them. We invite our Studio artists to respond to briefs, negotiate terms on their behalf and help artists grow their professional portfolio.
© Jenny Wheatley / Bridgeman Images (detail)


Retain copyright in all your work

All artists retain full copyright in their work. We do not assign copyright as part of any commission of license.


Remain free to sell your originals anywhere you want

Our Bridgeman Studio contract does not prohibit the sale of originals, in fact we encourage you to do so! As we're only concerned with licensing, we do not have any relationship with an artist's originals and so this is not something that comes under our terms and conditions in our contract.


Sell your images through our Print-on-Demand partner,

We offer all content from Bridgeman Studio artists to our print-on-demand partner, They sell high-quality open edition prints of our artist's work to clients worldwide.


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© Pat MacDonald / Bridgeman Images (detail)



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